Clearwater Mural, Day Twelve: A Painter in the Sun

Today was great!  I returned to the wall from my paint run and started with brushing in some brown, followed by orange; basically getting more of the base coat in.  I think the abstract objects are just now starting to present themselves as something more.

I had several new faces appear at the wall, and engaged in pleasant conversations with people I’d never met up to that moment.  They all had been following the mural from the beginning.  That was so wonderful to hear!

I also had a very good time chatting with Mark Ferguson.  I relayed some of my stories of murals past, which included bringing in apprentices and the results of doing so.  All I can say is now it’s funny. 😀

Honka Automotive (where the wall is located) was hopping with customers today, and “the guys” (mechanics) were oftentimes running from vehicle to vehicle, just to keep up.

I’ll be taking the weekend off, but will be there again bright and early Monday morning.  And for those of you who keep inquiring, I would say by mid-week it will be glaringly apparent “what the wall is“. 😀

Have a wonderful two days off.  I’ll see you Monday!


Clearwater Mural, Day Eleven: Repair and Progress

This morning was productive and it felt good to be back on the wall.  Only a half an hour was spent undoing some slight damage from Tropical Storm Debby (the fresh paint being pelted by sheets of rain and hail).

I dropped in another color (beige) at the bottom lower left, as well as adding a few more accents.  I’ll have to make another small paint run in the morning as the color I need can not be mixed from the colors I currently possess.  I REALLY want to get a LOT of color up tomorrow!

I still have MANY friends and drop-ins asking what the mural is. Any day now it will become apparent. 😀  I’m getting excited, and so should you!

See you at the wall…


Ana Livingston, Clearwater Mural Artist, featured on ARTS TAMPA BAY website!

Thank you, Arts Tampa Bay, for featuring me online at my mural!

To see the listing, click HERE.


Ana Livingston, Mural Artist from Clearwater, FL, is featured on the Arts Tampa Bay website (

Clearwater Mural, Day Ten: The Wind, Rain, and Me

Tropical Storm Debby, with her last band of rain and wind hitting us on Tuesday, did manage to cut short my day at the wall.  I actually did put in a partial morning, however, but had to finally call it a day when the gusts of wind topped 35 mph and the rain, angling in on me under the overhang, proceeded to drench me in two minutes flat.

On the bright side (in more ways than one), the hours before that were wonderful.  I adore the wind.  So much so, if the rain had never burst forth from the heavens I would have stayed on the scaffolding until the very last moment.  Wind excites and enlivens me.  That’s the best way to put it.

Since I was soaked by the time I got my bag of brushes and paint to the car, I had lost all thoughts of taking a photo.  Truth be told, I’d resigned myself that morning to doing little more on the mural than a second coat on the red and yellow sections. Consequently, the photo really wouldn’t have shown much change.

Now, for tomorrow, I have plans to fill in yet more of the “undiscovered country” (white sections). I had hoped to have ALL of the white areas filled in by Friday, but with the tropical storm having the upper hand this past week, I’m a bit behind schedule.  I’ll do my best tomorrow!

Have more for you then.


Clearwater Mural, Day Nine: The Forces of Art and Nature

I triumphed over the forces of nature until around 11:30 this morning.  Then the rains turned the tide.

A little paint – a very cheerful yellow – was able to find its way onto the wall surface nonetheless.  Just one more piece of the puzzle in place.

Day Nine at the Clearwater mural by Tampa Bay artist, Ana Livingston

Some of the first hour was spent cleaning a section of the wall after the weekend’s beating by Tropical Storm Debby.  It’s amazing just how much plant debris can get plastered on a surface by wind and rain.

I did enjoy the swift winds when I first climbed into my nest around 8am.  Then the gusts grew to be so strong that I had to adjust my balance frequently.  I’m six feet tall and always have my feet planted firmly on the scaffolding, so that gives you an idea of the force.

I did love the wind for the most part today, not just for being itself, but for keeping the mosquitoes at home.  No artist on the menu this morning.

Today marks the second Monday I’ve been at the wall.  It seems hard to imagine next week’s Monday will fall in July.  Time has indeed flown.

I’m still on schedule, amazingly, even with starting a week late and a tropical storm to contend with.  My target for this week’s end is to have the entire mural surface covered with a new coat of paint.

Hopefully the last remnants of Debby have moved off and I can enjoy a full morning (sans rainfall) tomorrow.  I have so much to accomplish this week.

Until then…


Exterior Murals vs. Hurricanes: No Painting in the Forecast for Tomorrow

Thank you, Debby, for deciding that the bulk of your downpour, lightning, and general strong winds were going to occur this weekend (when I’m not at the wall).  I did just check the online weather channel moments ago, however, and it looks like exterior mural painting is not in the forecast for tomorrow either.

Well, the bright side is I can spend Monday morning doing some preliminary sketches for my next mural project.  Always a silver lining, you know?  😀

I hope everyone in the Tampa Bay region is indoors with family and friends, drinking homemade hot chocolate and enjoying some good ol’ reminiscing while gathered around the fireplace.  I’d say that would make for a perfect afternoon.

I’ll update you tomorrow as to whether Hurricane Debby has taken a turn to the west.  If so, then more paint is going on the wall with a photo to follow.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Hurricane Debby in the Gulf Coast. She’s likely to hang around tomorrow as well, so no exterior mural painting in the immediate forecast.

Mural Painting: A Journey Through Color by Ana Livingston

Good morning, all!

I again wanted to state that I have thoroughly enjoyed all the feedback I have received thus far through emails, phone calls, posts, and folks stopping by the mural site.  I appreciate this more than you know!

To see a day-by-day photo chronicle of the mural (from Day One), click here:  There will be MANY changes in the upcoming week and a half, so check in daily!

As I stated to several of you in person and/or to many of you through an earlier post, my new official website ( is now up and running, includes daily posts regarding my current project, and will include additional projects as I begin them.   So far, after the Honka mural, I have another interior mural to start/complete while simultaneously finishing an oil on canvas commission piece later this summer.

Things are heating up all over, and this is a good thing!  Again, I appreciate you being with me on this journey!


Clearwater Mural, Day Eight: In the Heat of the Day

I finished off this week’s work on the mural by changing out one of the base colors.  I decided a week ago that it just didn’t have enough life to it.  So, today it is no more.

One of the highlights of my day today was that another business owner approached me for an interior mural he would like done.  Great news!  What could be more fun than back-to-back murals for two wonderful Clearwater business owners?  More on this as it develops…

I worked a shorter day today.  Usually I’m at the wall until around 12:30-1pm, but today the heat index was such that I ended off a little earlier.  Once streams of perspiration start down your back, that’s the point when you make the decision it’s best to retreat indoors.

I found out today that yet another business owner (across the street and to the west) calls in to us each day (Honka Automotive) begging to be told what the mural concept is.  He watches me adding and altering sections, but it’s driving him crazy as to what the end result will be!  Well, I can only say “stay tuned”.  🙂

I won’t be at the wall this weekend, but will arrive bright and early on Monday.  I plan to start putting in some of the center area.  This will be a bit of a tip-off and could very well finally answer most of the question: “What IS this mural?”

Have a great weekend, and be talking to you soon!


Artist Ana Livingston’s latest exterior mural located on the wall of Honka Automotive, on Court Street in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater Mural, Day Seven: More Base Color

It always feels good to be back at the bricks.  It’s like home to me now.

Today, weather-wise, was interesting.  It threatened to rain the entire morning (but didn’t), so consequently the humidity was very high.  Not the best of working conditions, but the wind was still blowing so no complaints here!

More people stopped by today to chat or honked as they drove by which always uplifts me.  Thanks! 😀

The base coat is still going on in stages, so the “fun” part of the mural is yet to come.  Right now, my prime objective is to get paint on the entire wall.  The refinement will come in a week or so.

Let’s hope the weather holds for tomorrow—I have a lot to accomplish.  Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll write more then!


Day Seven at the Clearwater mural located at Honka Automotive (west-facing wall). Artwork being executed by artist, Ana Livingston.

Clearwater Mural, Day Six: Base Color Being Applied

Day 6: I felt like I made some good progress today!  The weather was compliant in that I was able to work under a slight overcast with a constant breeze for the entire morning.  Wonderful!

As mentioned yesterday, the mural does not “look” like anything except abstract images at present.  It will probably have this same feel for the next several weeks.  At some point mid-July it will start coming together; until then it’s fun to listen to theories as to what each shape represents.  😀

I am really enjoying myself in addition to getting a very nice tan!  I had several more friendly people (I’d never met) go out of their way to stop by and chat with me today; I always love this!

Randy Meyers, the owner of Honka Automotive (where the wall is being painted), has been such a pleasure to work with.  He and his staff are so accommodating and go out of their way to ensure I have everything I need.

Well, I’m off tomorrow, but will be “hitting the brick” bright and early on Thursday.  More news then!


Day Six at the Clearwater, Florida mural of artist, Ana Livingston. The wall is located at Honka Automotive, 1266 Court Street.

Clearwater Mural, Day Five: Paint on the Wall!

All right!  It’s the start of a new week, and what could be more fitting than actually starting the painting process?

Today I began with the base coat on the lower right-hand section.  The shapes are unintelligible at this point, but that is the way of it with mural painting: layer after layer will be applied, and just like with a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes the whole image doesn’t come together until you snap in the last piece.

The temperature hit 90 degrees today, but luckily there was a bit of a breeze skirting the end of the building.   I actually don’t mind the heat itself; it’s when the air becomes stagnant that I find myself wondering if it’s time to pack it in for the day.

More friends (and people I’ve never met,) are stopping by to see how everything is going along.   I appreciate this very much.   I’m actually asking everyone to “honk your horn when you drive by Honka!”  This involves you in the process, I love it, and it’s, well, just plain fun. 😀

Well, I have brushes to clean and planning to do for Tuesday’s stint at the wall, so I’ll end off for today.  I’ve attached a photo showing the first paint to “hit the brick”.  More tomorrow!


Clearwater Mural, Day Five, at Honka Automotive on Court Street. Clearwater, Florida.

Murals and Michelangelo by Ana Livingston

I have often been asked which artist has been the most inspirational to me in my life.  My immediate answer has always been, and forever will be, Michelangelo.  His Sistine Chapel masterpiece, in my mind, is the single greatest artistic accomplishment in the world.

For four years he worked on scaffolding at a height of almost 70 feet. On his ceiling “canvas” of 12,000 square feet, he created over 400 life-sized figures alone.  Every inch of this work has endured, to this day, as sheer awe-inspiring beauty.

Regardless of content, mural art can be a spiritual journey for an artist.  It is an incredible achievement with regard to skill and execution, but also demands of the artist an unfathomable quantity of tolerance and endurance.

The Agony and the Ecstasy, indeed.


“The Creation of Adam”: One section of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling masterpiece.

Introducing Official Artist Website: WWW.ANA-LIVINGSTON.COM

Since I had a little extra time on my hands, I just created my official website:

It has up-to-date information on my current exterior mural project here in Clearwater, FL, and will – going forward – feature my upcoming projects as well.

Please let me know how you like it, and be sure to tell your friends to tune in and watch my mural “grow” over the next two months.

I appreciate your interest and feedback!



The Official Website for Fine Artist and Muralist, Ana Livingston is now live


Clearwater Mural, Day Four: Sketching Complete!

Arrived at the mural around 7:30am with the hope of beating some of the heat.  Guess it was my lucky day as it only got up to the high 80’s.  😀

I finished all the preliminary sketching today, as expected.  I say “preliminary” as with all artwork, painting is actually part of the evolving process of drawing: some of the top layer items will be drawn in with a brush during the final stages.

Completed some needed spot priming today as well, so Monday morning I am ready to break the seal on some cans of paint.  Exciting!

The wall feels like home now.  My one stage of scaffolding has become an extension of me.  Sometimes it’s amazing how connected an artist can become.

Over the weekend I will finalize my strategic plan with regard to the area of the mural to approach first.  I have all supplies now with the exception of paint, so I’ll be making a paint run on Sunday.  At that point I will be fully prepared to start bringing our concept to life.

Will have more Clearwater Mural news as well as a photo on Monday.  Have an excellent weekend!


Clearwater Mural, Day Three: Sketching Phase Continues

At Honka Automotive, the west-facing wall!

Fun in the sun today.  I am nearing the end of the sketching phase of the mural.  I will wrap up placement of all the remaining objects (in addition to any amendments) tomorrow – right on schedule!

Monday I begin putting paint on the wall.  This is when the piece truly starts to come to life.  As I’ve told a couple of my art supporters and friends, I can’t wait to get paint under my nails.  That’s when it will really feel like I am “home”.

More tomorrow!


Below is an image of some of my “chicken scratch” on the wall.  These marks would mean nothing to most, but contain all the world’s secrets to me.  😀

Closeup of one section of the mural. Sketching phase will be complete Friday, June 15th.

No Mural Work Today at the Clearwater Mural

Good morning!  Today is reserved for errands and figuring out (on paper) the last remaining details of the mural.  I’ll be back on site tomorrow morning, and will be sure to let you know my progress.  I appreciate your interest!


Clearwater Mural, Day Two: With My Pencil in Hand…

It was a nice blustery day today at the wall.  Having some wind always uplifts the spirit as well as cools the body temperature.

Felt like I made good progress early as I finished all the basic markers around 9:30am.

I then sat down and did all the precise calculations to reconstruct the original concept art (an almost square image) into something very elongated (mural dimensions: 9′ x 55′).  A bit of an undertaking.

The remaining two hours were devoted to placement markers for most of the important items in the mural.  It is at this stage that I always feel myself finally wrapping my mind around the concept on the wall to the point that it no longer seems enormous.  It’s now simply my canvas.

I’ve included an updated shot of me today; the mural itself doesn’t look much different than yesterday’s image, so thought I’d present myself instead. 😀


Artist Ana Livingston at her mural in Clearwater, Florida.

Clearwater Mural, Day One: The Journey Begins

The first (real) day of my mural project began this morning.  Clear skies and warm temperatures (mild understatement).

I was able to finish all measurements and “markers” on the wall, with the exception of the last 15′.  It was simply getting too hot by noon (nearing 90 degrees).

Well, I’ll finish that up tomorrow and start on the real sketching: the concept itself.  The fun’s about to begin!


Honka Automotive: the site of Artist, Ana Livingston’s latest exterior mural. Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Mural: Cleaning and Preparation Complete

First step in the upcoming Clearwater Mural is done!

Early this morning I completed the thorough cleaning of the entire wall surface. Tomorrow I begin sketching. Fun!

I’m very happy with my decision to limit my hours to only being on site in the mornings. With 90 degree days with 86% humidity, it would be silly to do otherwise.

More news tomorrow!


The BIG Question in Exterior Mural Painting by Ana Livingston

The BIG question is: Will the rain hold off?

Luckily, this question is of minimal concern this weekend as I’m only scheduled for wall cleaning.

But, as of early Monday morning, I will be starting the sketching phase. Out in the elements.

Positive weather thoughts!


Random Thoughts About My Upcoming Clearwater Mural Project

I had originally planned on starting the mural on June 1st.  That didn’t quite come about (ended up with jury duty, etc.), so I will be beginning a week late.  Not a problem.

Had a look at the weather forecast for the upcoming week and a half: scattered thunderstorms each and every day in Clearwater.  This isn’t of extreme concern as I plan to be working on the mural in the mornings only.  Consequently, I am hoping for just late afternoon rains for the next two months.  😀

Going over my preliminary “attack” strategy for the mural (with regards to placement of color and in what order, etc.).  Will be pressure-washing the wall either tomorrow or Sunday, with “sketching in” while on scaffolding to begin on Monday.  Am hoping this phase does not last longer than three “days”.

I’m starting to get very excited.  I love the outdoors, and what could be more fun than creating on a huge canvas while you’re there.  Can’t wait…


“The Wall” located at Honka Automotive, 1266 Court Street, Clearwater, Florida

Hello and Welcome to the Art Blog of Ana Livingston, Fine Artist and Muralist

Hello and Welcome to my Art Blog!  I am a fine arts artist and muralist based here in the Tampa Bay area.  Very nice to make your acquaintance!

I have been commissioned to paint my next exterior mural on the wall of  Honka Automotive here in Clearwater, FL.  It is a moderately-sized project (wall is approximately 15′ x 55′), and I have successfully glided through the permitting progress.  Work should be starting mid-June, weather permitting.

Additionally, I will be presenting a companion website – – that will be chronicling, day by day, my mural progress over the next two months.

I look forward to your comments as well as our journey together!


Ana the Artist

Ana Livingston, Fine Artist & Muralist, Tampa Bay, Florida

Ana Livingston, Fine Artist and Muralist of Tampa Bay. She will be executing the “Clearwater Mural”. A 55′ exterior wall of Honka Automotive, here in Clearwater, FL