Clearwater Mural, Day Three: Sketching Phase Continues

At Honka Automotive, the west-facing wall!

Fun in the sun today.  I am nearing the end of the sketching phase of the mural.  I will wrap up placement of all the remaining objects (in addition to any amendments) tomorrow – right on schedule!

Monday I begin putting paint on the wall.  This is when the piece truly starts to come to life.  As I’ve told a couple of my art supporters and friends, I can’t wait to get paint under my nails.  That’s when it will really feel like I am “home”.

More tomorrow!


Below is an image of some of my “chicken scratch” on the wall.  These marks would mean nothing to most, but contain all the world’s secrets to me.  😀

Closeup of one section of the mural. Sketching phase will be complete Friday, June 15th.