Clearwater Mural, Day Four: Sketching Complete!

Arrived at the mural around 7:30am with the hope of beating some of the heat.  Guess it was my lucky day as it only got up to the high 80’s.  😀

I finished all the preliminary sketching today, as expected.  I say “preliminary” as with all artwork, painting is actually part of the evolving process of drawing: some of the top layer items will be drawn in with a brush during the final stages.

Completed some needed spot priming today as well, so Monday morning I am ready to break the seal on some cans of paint.  Exciting!

The wall feels like home now.  My one stage of scaffolding has become an extension of me.  Sometimes it’s amazing how connected an artist can become.

Over the weekend I will finalize my strategic plan with regard to the area of the mural to approach first.  I have all supplies now with the exception of paint, so I’ll be making a paint run on Sunday.  At that point I will be fully prepared to start bringing our concept to life.

Will have more Clearwater Mural news as well as a photo on Monday.  Have an excellent weekend!