Murals and Michelangelo by Ana Livingston

I have often been asked which artist has been the most inspirational to me in my life.  My immediate answer has always been, and forever will be, Michelangelo.  His Sistine Chapel masterpiece, in my mind, is the single greatest artistic accomplishment in the world.

For four years he worked on scaffolding at a height of almost 70 feet. On his ceiling “canvas” of 12,000 square feet, he created over 400 life-sized figures alone.  Every inch of this work has endured, to this day, as sheer awe-inspiring beauty.

Regardless of content, mural art can be a spiritual journey for an artist.  It is an incredible achievement with regard to skill and execution, but also demands of the artist an unfathomable quantity of tolerance and endurance.

The Agony and the Ecstasy, indeed.


“The Creation of Adam”: One section of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling masterpiece.


2 thoughts on “Murals and Michelangelo by Ana Livingston

  1. I just watched the movie The Agony & The Ecstasy with my Dad over Easter. It was such an incredible movie that I found to be greatly inspiring. There were so many parts to that movie where my dad & I would simply exchange glances to each other across the room as we both could relate to the inner turmoil that an artist experiences.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – I am so glad that we met!


    • Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for the story; the Renaissance giants were nothing short of astounding. I am glad you liked my post, and I will definitely be stopping by your blog again soon! Have an excellent, artful weekend.
      ~Ana 😀


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