Mural Painting: A Journey Through Color by Ana Livingston

Good morning, all!

I again wanted to state that I have thoroughly enjoyed all the feedback I have received thus far through emails, phone calls, posts, and folks stopping by the mural site.  I appreciate this more than you know!

To see a day-by-day photo chronicle of the mural (from Day One), click here:  There will be MANY changes in the upcoming week and a half, so check in daily!

As I stated to several of you in person and/or to many of you through an earlier post, my new official website ( is now up and running, includes daily posts regarding my current project, and will include additional projects as I begin them.   So far, after the Honka mural, I have another interior mural to start/complete while simultaneously finishing an oil on canvas commission piece later this summer.

Things are heating up all over, and this is a good thing!  Again, I appreciate you being with me on this journey!



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