Clearwater Mural, Day Thirty Two: The Dolphin Transformation

What’s it gonna be? Early on in the Clearwater Mural process. Artist: Ana Livingston

Dolphins are a big item here in Clearwater, and most probably all of Florida.

When I first left that one section blank very early on in the mural process, I hadn’t decided whether I was going to place a dolphin or manatee amongst the waves.

Manatee or Dolphin or? Color, but no definition as yet at the Clearwater Mural. Artist: Ana Livingston

I was actually leaning towards manatee until someone reminded me of Winter the Dolphin, in addition to the temporary installation of dolphins being set out on Clearwater Beach.

Ok. Dolphin it is. But the grey area is much too large. Solution: Two dolphins! Clearwater Mural, Artist: Ana Livingston

Ok. Dolphin it is.

So, today I decided to bring that big gray blob to life.  And then, right in the middle of refining it, decided to split it in two.  Afterall, Honka Automotive IS a family-run business.  😉

Momma dolphin is still too large; more forming to do. Clearwater Mural. Artist: Ana Livingston

Besides, I just like the overall feeling of a mother and baby dolphin frolicking in the water off the coast.  Sounds like fun to me.

I managed to run out of white paint midway, so neither dolphin has fins as yet; I’ll probably make a small paint run next week; I’m sure they will be fine until then.

The finished dolphin family. No fins as yet, but those will come later. Clearwater Mural, Artist: Ana Livingston

I’ll post another shot of the entire mural tomorrow. 😀



8 thoughts on “Clearwater Mural, Day Thirty Two: The Dolphin Transformation

  1. Hello and many greetings from West Wales – we have dolphins here too , you should come paint them! Thanks for following the poetry blog too, that is generous and much appreciated.
    My wife is a published novelist and has a new novel on e books – – only reason for mentioning is that this new one, Slick Deals, was inspired by a trip on a dolphin survey boat here in Cardigan Bay..Cheers! Marc


    • Hello, Marc! Thank you for the reply!

      My daughter is currently in the UK; perhaps it’s time for a visit! 😉 Dolphins are wonderful creatures, aren’t they? I thoroughly enjoyed painting the two on my mural. I’m about to send out another mural proposal that will include–you guessed it–dolphins!

      I will definitely look into your wife’s work–thank you for the link! Again, thank you for the message (Cardigan Bay sounds lovely), and have an excellent weekend!

      ~Ana 😀


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