Author Ross King’s “Leonardo and The Last Supper”

I have tremendous admiration for the stellar figures of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci being one of the most prominent.  The book “Leonardo and The Last Supper” (author, Ross King) was recently recommended to me as an intriguing look into the man and his life.  It’s on my list of “to-reads”.

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous wall mural “The Last Supper” situated in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.



6 thoughts on “Author Ross King’s “Leonardo and The Last Supper”

  1. It is a shame, however, that some of his experiments in wall preparation were ill-advised. Good old gesso was in use. I have never encountered any reading material that has explained for me why he tried the things that he tried.


    • Good to hear, Diane! Please let me know your thoughts on the book as you might have the opportunity to read it before I do.
      You are very welcome on the visits, and blessings right back at you! 😀



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