My Sunday Morning Gyro

Not what would be considered classic Sunday morning fare here on the currently-not-so-sunny Suncoast of Florida, but delicious nonetheless.  And I unabashingly (if there ever was the word) devoured this in no time flat.

The gentlemen at the neighborhood Mr. Gyros know me well enough to start in on carving for my “Ana Special” the moment they see me coming through the door.  Thanks, guys.  It was loved.


My delicious “Ana Special”: pita, lamb, tasty olive oil and lots of feta. You can never have too much feta.



4 thoughts on “My Sunday Morning Gyro

  1. You have no idea how I love these. Noooooooo idea. Words are pathetically inadequate . . . . And it has been so long!

    Ship me one FedEx? Make that two while you’re at it.


    • Haha! That’s wonderful. So glad to hear about another person’s food obsession! Now I won’t feel so crazy when I’m waltzing around asking people to sign my petition making chocolate its own food group. 😉



  2. Gyro,l used to eat at Creek restaurants in Chicago on Western and Clark the
    capital of Gyro.Thank you for the post .l do miss my time in Chicago.Have a wonderful holidays.Jalal


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