Day Seven, Grapefruit Mural, Clearwater, Florida: My Place in the Sun

I’m back! Here are two shots from today’s progress. The first is my scene every morning. I love it. 😀

1-grapefruit-mural-day-seven-ana-livingston-fine-artist-my-scene-each-morningThe second is today’s image of panel #1. Still more work to do but it’s coming along!

2-grapefruit-mural-day-seven-ana-livingston-fine-artist-panel-one-clearwater-tampa-floridaI’ll be back at the walls tomorrow around my usual time of 6:30am; I’m getting excited as I can feel completion day coming soon. 😀 More tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Day Seven, Grapefruit Mural, Clearwater, Florida: My Place in the Sun

  1. Thanks you Ana for “liking” my blog! I took a turn about yours, and lots of fun stuff here! I like grapefruit too… the twisted peel is a nice touch. As a fellow muralist, and after a stint in a retail paint store, I wanted to let you know that not only applying paint in heated conditions where the paint dries immediately is bad for your ability to work the medium, it’s actually bad for the mural itself. The paint itself will not cure properly and adhesion will be an issue with the coming years. Paint applied too hot will peel and then your mural is lost! Wall temps are often higher than the ambient temp, so painting past 80 degrees is probably too high for proper curing of the paint. Sorry, not trying to be a downer, but I did learn a thing or two from professional house painters… there was a reason the good ones quit by noon in the summer. They wanted their work to last. And that’s here in the Pacific NW!! Looks like it’s early mornings for Florida muralists! 🙂


    • Hey Sky—thanks for the reply! I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to reply until now.
      Thanks for your painting tips. I have a technique that I use that allows me to paint under most conditions and never have a problem. I’ve been painting interior/exterior murals for over 30 years (east and west coasts), so I guess I’m doing something right. 🙂
      Where in the PacNW are you located? I am originally from that region.
      Thanks again for checking in and your input!
      ~Ana 😀


  2. Thanks for your kind receptivity! I’m near Eugene, OR. Bet you don’t miss the cold rain of the PNW, but that FL sun must be brutal at times! Though sure would be nice to actually SWIM in the ocean!! 🙂


    • Sky,

      I’m originally from an island in northwestern WA state. Both our states are absolutely beautiful, but you are right: I don’t really miss the gray skies and rain. The weather here does get frightful in the summer months–it’s almost like living in a steam bath–but the ability to be out and active in many activities for most of the year makes up for a few months of intense heat and humidity.

      I’m pasting some links below to a couple prior posts of mine; one deals with endurance in doing exterior murals while the other is about a long-ago mural I collaborated on in downtown Seattle. Hope you enjoy.

      Have an excellent extended weekend, my friend! 😀


      Exterior Mural Creation: An Article on Endurance:

      Entombed Art: Seattle’s Belltown District Exterior Mural, Washington State:


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