Firenze and Fiesole

My new friend, Margie. Feel free to take part in her adventures! 🙂



Thursday April 21

Before 9am I was on the bus to Firenze, an hour and 15 minute ride with views of the Tuscan countryside. Bellissimo! Once I arrived in Florence I made my way to the Duomo and bought a ticket to climb the campanile, which is also known as Giotto’s Bell Tower. It is 276 feet high and there are 414 steps, which are about 30 inches wide, and much more narrow as the staircase spirals. There is only one staircase, so visitors use it to ascend and descend, necessitating that you have to stand sideways at times to allow a group to go in the opposite direction. Thank goodness it was not July or August, or the heat would have been unbearable.

There were a few levels where you could stop and walk around, so I had a chance to catch my breath. It is a strenuous climb…

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