Clearwater Mural, Day Eight: In the Heat of the Day

I finished off this week’s work on the mural by changing out one of the base colors.  I decided a week ago that it just didn’t have enough life to it.  So, today it is no more.

One of the highlights of my day today was that another business owner approached me for an interior mural he would like done.  Great news!  What could be more fun than back-to-back murals for two wonderful Clearwater business owners?  More on this as it develops…

I worked a shorter day today.  Usually I’m at the wall until around 12:30-1pm, but today the heat index was such that I ended off a little earlier.  Once streams of perspiration start down your back, that’s the point when you make the decision it’s best to retreat indoors.

I found out today that yet another business owner (across the street and to the west) calls in to us each day (Honka Automotive) begging to be told what the mural concept is.  He watches me adding and altering sections, but it’s driving him crazy as to what the end result will be!  Well, I can only say “stay tuned”.  🙂

I won’t be at the wall this weekend, but will arrive bright and early on Monday.  I plan to start putting in some of the center area.  This will be a bit of a tip-off and could very well finally answer most of the question: “What IS this mural?”

Have a great weekend, and be talking to you soon!


Artist Ana Livingston’s latest exterior mural located on the wall of Honka Automotive, on Court Street in Clearwater, FL


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